Canvas Corners Engine Company Prop

Canvas Corners provides a durable, portable and versatile prop for your department. Engine company operations including stretch, flow and advance or truck company search, rescue drags and carries. Any drill can be quickly set up in any open area from a parking lot to an apparatus bay. With a few sheets of plywood and couple water barrels and you can create quality training drills anywhere. Visit for more information or contact Dustin Courter for a demo or further information at: (303) 570-6420


Mock Hose Bed Prop

Mock hose bed prop. A simple but versatile design that can be set up and broken down quickly. Click on the images for all required materials. 1 trip to a Home Depot or Lowes and a few cuts on their panel saw and this is assembled on site very quickly. We use this design at training sites across the country and frequently get asked the details. Consider this just a foundation, modifications are limitless.


Wood's Forcible Entry Door Prop Kit

Wood’s Door Kit is made for firefighters that are hungry for training and willing to put in some work to make it happen. The do-it-yourself style door kit supplies you with the more difficult components of making a door prop: Steel hinges, jamb, force plates, base and header.

With the finished product you can force inward and outward doors from both sides on a full size door. Additional variations can create limited access FE situations, using different door setups can create drills to force drop bars or practice door crush methods. The prop is literally what you make of it, we just help get you started.

Contact: for all inquires on prop assembly and sales