Parapet Practices

The back of a commercial occupancy typically provides the best roof access for aerial ladders. Less customer parking (obstruction), fewer windows and doors to work around and parapet walls are ...
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Attack Over Supply

Attention to detail is possibly one of the most under utilized tools in the fire service. This holds especially true when the masses begin to talk about Dragging hose, Forcing doors or Throwing ...
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Fire Streams and the Exponential Engine Company

Downloadable PDF version of this article available here: Fire Streams and the Exponential First Due Engine Company By: Brian Brush As of late I have been fielding a lot of questions ...
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The Risk for Ground Ladder Rescues at Multi-Family Dwellings

On January 16th 2007, at 0047 hours Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) was dispatched to a reported fire in an apartment building. Three minutes later, the first district chief arrived and ...
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Efficient Commercial Roof Operations

A majority of the programs I deliver are classes that I have been working with for a few years, however there are times when I am contacted to create a class or address a need. In September I was ...
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Ladder Balance and Task Packages

Last week I participated in a training program and found that a few simple tips on ground ladders went further than I expected so I decided to shoot a quick video of those tips to share. This may ...
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