Laddering Considerations: Combustible Egress

Years ago when fire protection systems were limited and firefighters without SCBA had challenges accessing the interior, there was greater attention paid to planning and designing ways out for ...
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Fires in the Bronx as told on Face Book

Many of us on Face Book have been enjoying a string of stories that Bob Farrell has been sharing with us in short posts over the last year and many have asked him to compile them. I figured it ...
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First Due Deck Gun

The deck gun might be a regional term, I have also heard it called the monitor, or the “Stang”, but we are talking about the engine mounted master stream. Most engine mounted master streams, fog, ...
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Training Objectives and Omissions

Almost all formal training is created with an initial set of objectives. Often times these objectives are listed in an early PowerPoint slide, lesson plan or drill briefing to make it clear what ...
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The Complete Halligan Guide

The attention to detail, thought and explanation in this document produced by Search and Destroy Training and Tools is absolutely second to none and should be in every firehouse. For that reason ...
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Search It Hard From The Yard

Today I am going to attach a cart to the band wagon. I believe the current politically correct term is exterior stream application; street critics are referring to it as "hitting it hard from the ...
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