Fires in the Bronx as told on Face Book

Many of us on Face Book have been enjoying a string of stories that Bob Farrell has been sharing with us in short posts over the last year and many have asked him to compile them. I figured it would be better if he just kept telling stories and one of us took on the administrative task. So here is a relatively raw collection of Bob’s stories supported by pictures from the 1978 photo essay FIREHOUSE by Dennis Smith and Jill Freedman. I hope to update it monthly and repost it here as long as Bob continues to tell the tales. Thanks for the history Brother!
Updated as of 2/18/2019 – PDF File available here:
22019Fires in the Bronx as told on Face Book


One comment on “Fires in the Bronx as told on Face Book
  1. Greg Collier says:

    Great work! I enjoy Bob’s stories and Jill’s book. This bring it toa new level.

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