The Complete Halligan Guide

The attention to detail, thought and explanation in this document produced by Search and Destroy Training and Tools is absolutely second to none and should be in every firehouse. For that reason Sean and Scott are making it available to the masses for free and I am able to provide a place where it can be accessed and downloaded. Click the link below to get your copy. Be sure to consider S&D for any future training, information or tools. They have been great supporters of Fire By Trade and I assure you there are no other guys more educated on their business in our business.

Now click the link, download, print and do work!

Search and Destroy Complete Halligan Tuning PDF zip

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One comment on “The Complete Halligan Guide
  1. Jimmy Davis says:

    You guys are awesome!!!! and much dedicated too….Thanks for providing the at length Halligan material download. Wow! Be safe brothers!

    Lt. Jimmy Davis
    Chicago Fire Dept.

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