Efficient Commercial Roof Operations

wideviewSMFRA majority of the programs I deliver are classes that I have been working with for a few years, however there are times when I am contacted to create a class or address a need. In September I was contacted by a department that had access to a couple acquired structures and they were looking for a training for their truck companies across all three of the shifts. The department had recently completed a multi-day internal truck company operations academy and their skills in traditional truck company disciplines were sound. Knowing I had a solid foundation to work with and a great setting with full access to a big box and strip mall structure I knew we had a unique opportunity at some great training. One of my other instructors and I met at the site with one of the department’s training Captains and we created a hands on training program to focus on efficient commercial roof operations.

IMG_2648One week prior to the training session all companies received a one page training brief to cover some of the key points and provide an outline of what to expect for the session. We also provided the training division with a detailed lesson plan, drill station needs and session timelines.

SMFR Truck EfficencyFor the training, we ran a morning and afternoon session on each shift day, making contact with over 90 members. While the training sessions were just 4 hours, the acquired structures and the solid skill sets of the crews coming in allowed for a great deal of work to be done. From discussing the importance of developing a different approach to commercial roof operations, evaluating apparatus and tool set ups, to on the roof work over a strip mall and a big box structure all companies performed well and maximized the benefit of the time given.

IMG_2632Below are a few more pictures from the class. Hopefully these provide you with some ideas for future trainings at your department and also demonstrate that Fire By Trade can bring quality custom classes to your department beyond “off the shelf” presentations delivered on a regular basis.

IMG_2630cutdepthSMFRAIMG_2636 IMG_2645 IMG_2658 IMG_2666 HolesSMFR IMG_2671

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