1st Annual Terry Fund Colorado Training Symposium

Terry Fund CO MarchI have been fortunate to have worked with the Colorado Chapter of the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund for the last 3 years and their work continues to impress. The fund exists to provide immediate no red tape funding to firefighters and departments in Colorado for emergencies, hardships, training or equipment. In just 3 years the fund has donated over $80,000 to Colorado Firefighters which has been raised through events which span from their annual firefighters ball to 9/11 and St. Patrick’s day fundraisers and frequent trainings through the educational series.

This weekend the fund took the educational series one step further and held the first Colorado Training Symposium and it was outstanding. The focus of the event was on recent UL information and current discussion on the topic of ventilation.

Top level instructors like Van Dorpe, Ceriello, Norwood and Gray provided different views on a similar topic from their varying department size and operation, geographic location and individual experience. Even the hands on forcible entry classes from Irons and Ladders stressed the importance of how solid conventional forcible entry techniques preserve the door and allow for improved vent point control. In total over 250 firefighter representing 46 departments from 4 states attended events this weekend and I believe they all left with not only a better understanding of the new information but with options and tools to take it back to their organizations specific operations and cultures.

I was lucky enough to lead off the conference on Friday with my 4 hour Ventilation Principles ans Practices class which allowed me to spend the rest of the weekend taking in the other great classes and even forcing some doors. Thanks again to all who attended and especially to the Brothers at the Terry Fund who put together a top notch event from classes to camaraderie.

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