Ladders Up

Last weekend was the second meeting with tLaddershe crew from Irons and Ladders out of Colorado Springs. I have had the good fortune of working next to these guys over the last few years here in the state of Colorado but most recently we have been working together to develop a solid ground ladder program.

A day of throwing ladders, talking techniques, tools and teaching methods at the Castle Rock Fire Department Training Center with Quint 155 moved us even closer to the final product. A few more meet ups and drill days and the program should be ready to pilot.

It is an exciting thing to be a part of. Irons and Ladders has already established an outstanding and Nationally recognized forcible entry program, pairing it with a ground ladders class will provide a top level two day truck company foundations course.

counter balance                       Double hook 16 CRFD Ladders                       16 versus 14

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